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Vintage Cookbooks

This page contains links to our posts about vintage cookbooks, long out-of-print, that we feel are worth seeking out for their quirky or community sensibility. Putting together cookbooks was done by union locals, community groups, church groups and the like, and many of these are well worth remembering. Sometimes the cookbooks would try to capture a certain place, or community, while others try to bring new types of cooking to the people. Each post features one recipe from each cookbook we look at.
The links are in reverse chronological order: 

July 10, 2014: The Strawberry Connection
January 17, 2014: Romertopf Cooking is Fun
January 16, 2014: Dominion's "Its Mainly Because of the Meat" Cookbook
December 14, 2014: 1922's Cocktails - How to Mix Them: With Five Great Holiday Drinks
December 11, 2013: Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook: A Dr. Seuss Inspired Romp through Cooking!
November 17, 2013: Cooking Favorites of Long Branch
November 9, 2013: Pooh's Fireside Recipes
November 04, 2013: The Magnificent Salad Cookbook
October 29, 2013: The Urban Peasant Quick & Simple
October 20, 2013: Oxbow House Cookery Book
October 11, 2013: The Spice Islands Cook Book
October 9, 2013: Bon Appetit Appleby
September 21, 2013: The Pauper's Cookbook
September 17, 2013: The St. Lawrence Market Cookbook 1988

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